Jess McMillan, Studio Owner

Jess is a world champion skier, and the proud owner of Studio J Pilates. As a professional athlete, Jess knows what it takes to maintain peak physical fitness. She believes that Pilates is a great complementary approach to injury recovery and balanced health and wellness.

Jess received her certification in 2011 from the Body Arts in Science International. Jess is a walking example of how Pilates can help recover and balance out the body after having an injury. She was a part of the “Reach for Greatness” marketing campaign by BASI Pilates™.

Because of Jess's exceptional instructing and very outgoing personality, she has been showcased in Pilates Magazine and became:

• Free skiing World Tour Champion

• US Free Skiing Champion

• Warren Miller Entertainment Cover Girl

• Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Ambassador


michelle gannon

Michelle has been practicing Pilates since 2007 and has been comprehensively certified since 2011 through the Balanced Body Pilates Program. She studied with and trained under master trainer and Balanced Body faculty member, Tom McCook. Michelle has successfully operated her very own Pilates business in California, Texas, and most recently the Caribbean!

As a Pilates trainer, Michelle focuses on the mind body connection to help her clients develop the balance, strength, and flexibility that will assists them not only in their athletic endeavors, but in their everyday movement in life.

Michelle has worked with every level of fitness, from professional athlete to the weekend warrior, and everything in between! Michelle is also Barre Certified!




Sarah Hoffman

Sarah was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia. After leading backpacking trips in the Tetons, Sarah relocated to Jackson permanently in 2000 where she is raising her two children, Julian and Eliza. 

Sarah discovered Pilates after a back injury and found the method helped in improving her overall strength, skills, body awareness, and health as an equestrian and overall athlete. Sarah is a fully certified Body Arts and Sciences International Pilates Instructor. She teaches both Mat and Equipment Pilates and is incredibly passionate    about the practice as it translates so beautifully to her everyday life. Her belief in and enthusiasm  for the practice is expressed in her teaching style and techniques. 

Sarah is also MELT Method HF & L1 certified. She has discovered living in a pain free body is actually possible through the combination of her Pilates and MELT practices. She is excited to share her passion knowledge journey and experiences with you!